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Provide a meaningful life experience that transcends those who participate in Crosslands Education expeditions.


  • Loyalty

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Solidarity

  • Honesty


To be a leading company in the design and execution of international educational expeditions focused on learning, recreation and service, for schools and private colleges through which participants develop different skills such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, self-esteem, independence. , self-control and conflict resolution, all put into practice so that each expedition with Crosslands Education is an experience of a lifetime.

We are


The Space Camp Ambassador certificate demonstrates the seriousness and commitment to each of our clients.

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Crosslands Education is an educational company that started to operate on December 12, 2012, with the signing of the Constitutive Act by the founding partners and company owners Roxana Gutierrez and Karina Mora. In 2013, both directors still worked their full-time jobs while dedicating afternoons and nights to work on the documentation of the company and the activities the company would engage in. Initially, they would offer three service areas: residential camps for children, professional development for educators, and national and international educational expeditions. Later, over time, the company focused only on one of these activities, constituting international educational expeditions as the main activity of the business since having the greatest movement of those previously proposed.


In September 2014, the first international expedition was made to the US Space Camp & Rocket Center, in Huntsville, Alabama with the participation of  Nueva Esperanza, Nueva Generacion and West College schools, thirty-three students in total and 6 chaperones, and since then, year after year we are joined by more than 100 students who enjoy this life experience on the NASA campus in Huntsville, Alabama.


In 2019 Karina Mora decides to reassign her shares to dedicate herself to other activities. Roxana Gutierrez continues with the company and Ingrid Hernández joins as a business partner.


So far throughout the years and by the end of 2020, Crosslands Education has taken 538 students to Space Camp, of which 19 have repeated the experience of returning; 46 chaperones and 34 institutions are our on going clients, that is, they have adopted the program as part of their curricular offer. In 2020, the global pandemic caused groups traveling to Space Camp to move expeditions to 2021.


During that same year, the members undertook the educational project The Space Club, an original creation by Crosslands Education, which is a program that encourages interest in learning about space exploration, research, curiosity, creativity and more diverse topics related to Space and the universe for children from 5 to 8 years old.

As an educational company, we seek that the family benefits from a learning experience through educational programs that will impact students for life; It is not about providing a temporary service, but that at the end of the expedition, the child or young person experiences a difference in their being, a positive transformation of growth. As expressed by parents themselves a few days after their children have returned home: “they come back with a very positive attitude”.

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